Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've heard it said and read about it often enough that if you really want something,you'll get it eventually even if you have to wait for a long time to achieve it.Prayers, honesty,perseverance and hard work will pay out in the end.
When I started school and learn how to read,that's when I began to dream,so to speak.I've always been fascinated with books so I was very happy when I finally can read one.I remembered my favourite subject in Primary School,the Hygiene,where there were many pictures of houses with beautiful kitchens,bathrooms and bedrooms in its textbook.I never tire looking at the pictures and dream that I'd live in house like that one day.
I was especially fascinated with the bathrooms and kitchen stove pictures.Maybe it was because in our house then there were no bathrooms.No indoor plumbing,only an outhouse which was built quite far from the house so as to avoid the smell.You wouldn't want to go there alone at night!As for the kitchen stove - well,never seen like that in real life before,only in books!In our house we used firewoods.Gas stove?Dream on..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Who'd want to buy???

I didn't realize how much junks was accumulated in my own household until a friend lamented recently that she's out of storage space for all the unused junks.It's then that I saw all the broken down radio,cellphones and charger,computer monitor,keyboards,mouse (or shall I call them mice since there are plenty),printer,voltage regulator,hair dryer,iron,rice cooker,blender,washing machine,you name it,it's there.I can set up shop !
If only I can sell these back,even for a fraction of their original prices.It made me ponder.30 years ago many wouldn't know what all these are.Well,maybe the radio,yes,but the others?Even a gas stove is unheard of in many households then...