Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today my job is to do overall sweeping.I have done the toughest part of the cleaning and when I look back dusts have settled all over again.I have to dust and vacuum and sweep all over again.The curtains will have to wait until my daughters got home.

What really makes me mad is the water.It choose today to play hide.I went down just now and there was no water.I really hope that somebody will volunteer to do the 'seeking' job.I would if I could.

Next task,find any available big container to store rain water.If the tap water continue to hide,then I will have to store rain water for washing since there's no other source available.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cleaning ...

Yesterday I wished for an extra pair of hands and it was granted.Thanks to my nephew,Kipung,for helping me to mow the lawn.Downstairs rooms - done.Today I'm going to tackle the kitchen windows and cabinet.The curtains are soaking in the washing machine now and then next load will be the table cloth and the dish clothes.I really hope that the water won't choose today to do it's favourite games of hide and seek,the 'now you see it,now you don't' type.It's been doing that for the past three days,which really makes me mad.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

If only I have extra pairs of hands..

It's 5 days to Christmas and 3 of my children will be home in 4 days time and I haven't started cleaning their rooms yet.The upstairs rooms will not pose much problem but the two downstairs rooms really need a complete cleaning from top to bottom.
I would have done it before if I didn't go to help at the Ketua Kampung's house and yesterday a gotong royong at our chapel.So many works to do with only me here.My niece told me that there's someone she knows who cleans house for rm30 per day but that will be my last resort.What will my friends say if I hire a cleaning lady?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Tomorrow there will be a wedding .The Ketua Kampung's daughter is getting married.Tonight we'll go to their place to help with the food preparations.I'm given the task of cooking sweet and sour fish.
I don't know yet how many types of dishes will be served but hopefully I don't have to do more than the sweet and sour dish.That alone is quite plenty - 50kg of fish.